Let us introduce the new BLESS cosmetic line. Artisanal, 100% natural and plant-based beauty products made in Montreal. It’s the perfect line for the well-being of your skin and the planet.

The Context

Formerly named Karitès, the brand has undergone a total rebranding: BLESS. A french acronym that stands for Well-being, Local, Ethical, Simple, and Healthy. With a website already in place, the eco-responsible company BLESS needed nothing but refined visuals to officially launch its online store.

Our Mandate 

In need of engaging visual content for their online store, BLESS worked with Vzion Media for a photoshoot of their products. Our team first sent different mood boards to the client to determine the theme and concept. Subsequently, the talent and artistic direction of our experts were expressed through this product photoshoot that you can appreciate.