Par Orchid

The pastry shop is the ideal place to taste delicious sweets. They offer, among other things, cakes, cupcakes, pies, flans, macaroons, etc. These are made by hand, with love and from premium ingredients.

As passionate pastry chefs, they also make personalized cakes to order. They create cakes for weddings as well as for birthdays, baby shower, baptisms and communions.

The Context

As small business owners, they were removing things off of their “to-do” list in order to create social media content. They knew it might be time to think about outsourcing. As much as social media can help your business grow, it can also feel time-consuming, especially when you’re starting to run your business.

When they realized the importance of social media management, they understood how it can position their brand in the best light.


Our Mandate 

Instagram is most influential when it shows people how they can use products. We wanted to show their existing clients and potential new ones what type of desserts they make and how they decorate them.
Showcasing their product through pictures and videos will encourage potential customers to purchase from their bakery. We also wanted to be sure to include people in their campaign that are relatable.